Easy Adjustable Jerry Can Filling Machine

Automatic Jerry Can Filling Machine, adapts vacuum sucking filling nozzles

The NP-VF automatic Jerry Can Filling Machine is designed and manufacturer by shanghai npack, the machine also suitable for varies kinds of food oil ,car oil. the filling volume is from 500ml to 5000ml.

At the core of NPACK high precision filling line is the filling station. With an accuracy of down to 0.2 % this is a unique system for high-end products within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where every drop counts.

Easy Adjustable Jerry Can Filling Machine

Competitive Advantage

1. PLC control, operation on touch screen

2. Panasonic servo motor driven , automatic adjust the Filling size on HMI, eg. Users want to fill 500g oil, users just input the number 500, then the machine will automatic adjust

3. It is volumetric by piston, high filling accuracy

4. Easy adjustment, and tools free

5. The soft tubes or pipes on the filler are adapt world brand Toyox from japan

6. Specially made rotary valve for oil transfer

7. O seals and Rings are specially chosen for oil

Easy Adjustable Jerry Can Filling Machine

Technical Parameter

Filling Nozzles1-16Nozzles
Production Capacity800 -5000Bottles Per Hour
Filling Volume100-500ml,100ml to 1000ml, 1000ml to 5000ml
Power1500W to 3000W, 220VAC
DrivenPanasonic Servo Motor
InerfaceSchneider Touch Screen

Flexible and accurate filling system

The system has a very high filling accuracy, a high production capacity and a quick changeover between different products and jerry can sizes, which ensures full production flexibility. Furthermore, it is possible to change between jerry cans, IBCs and drums of varying sizes. The station also meets the highest hygienic standards in all details - including CIP cleaning of the lances and complete wash down of the system (IP66).

Furthermore, all filling operations are fully traceable. Throughout the entire filling process all jerry cans are transported on a unique NPACK transport unit with integrated RFID tag. This ensures high quality control and full traceability.

Easy Adjustable Jerry Can Filling Machine

Configuration List

Automatic spindle capping machine

Automatic capping machine is flexible, durable and works with most containers and caps includingflat caps, sport caps, metal lids and many others.The machine has practicability in field of pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, foodstuff etc. It is real ideal equipment for bottle screw capping, also applied to seal aluminum cap, the ft proof cap, screw-thread cap, ROPP cap etc. It's built on a heavy duty, tig welded, stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum plate construction to provide durability in almost any packaging environment. The modular design lets you start with just a cap tightener and easily add capabilities when you need them.


  • Power height adjustment
  • Gripper Belt height and width adjustment
  • Spindle Wheels Spindle Wheel adjustment knobs, with lock nut hand wheel
  • No change parts required for a wide range of containers
  • Sanitary 304 stainless steel drive shafts and adjustment support shafts
  • Timing belt power transmission for Spindle Wheels
  • Bottom screw changeover on Spindle Wheels
  • 1/2” aluminum mounting plates and 1/2” hard coat anodized supports on Cap Feed Chute
  • Removable dual gripper belts
  • Trigger spray cap rails

Techniacal paramater

NO1ItemAutomatic Capping machine
NO2Cap Diameter20-120MM
NO3Bottle Height45-460MM
NO7Air Pressure0.6MPA
NO10OptionCap Sorter

Easy Adjustable Jerry Can Filling Machine

The entire high precision filling line is fully automated and can be controlled from start to finish by a minimum of operators.