Automatic Round Bottle Wrap Labeler

1-Applicable bottles

NP-RL Automatic round bottle labeling machine also called vertical labeling machine, it is application for labelling a range of round bottles,

2-Working process of round bottles labeling machine

Manually put bottles on conveyor or using a automatic botte turntable and the bottles will be separated by bottle separator to keep the each bottle distance for guarantee the working stable

All the action are control by PLC, Automatic sense the bottle and labels, automatic apply the labels on the two sides of the bottles. And machine with function, no bottle no labeling, automatic warning if no label or lack of labels

After apply the labels on bottles, the label paste device will paste the labels to fasten the label on bottles.

Then bottle go to next processing


Stable-Adapt Siemens PLC control and Panasonic servo motor Driven label for machine working stably and label accuracy. It is high performance and high efficiency.

Easy Operation-The touch screen can be in English, Spanish, French, Russia and any other language. It is easy operation and can be connect with other machines for production packaging line.

High precision-Accuracy from +-0.5-1mm.
wide application range-Widely using the bottle diameter from 25mm to 120mm, bottle heigh 25mm. to 300mm,If customized height of 10mm-150mm,length of 15mm-300mm, please kindly ask us.

High speed-Speed max can reach 150bottles per min subject to the label size and bottle size.

Europe standard-The labeling machine is made according to CE standard, Taiwan technology.

4-Main Tech

Model / technical parametersNP-RL
Labeling speed (pcs/min)40-100

(relate to material and label size)

Labeling accuracy(mm)±1.0mm

(material and label sizes are not counted in)

Label size(mm)(L)20-280mm   (H)30-144mm
Material size (mm) Φ20-φ100mm  (H)40-200mm
Roll inside(mm)φ76mm
Roll outer diameter(mm)Max:Φ350mm
Machine size (mm)(L)2000*(W)850*(H)1450(mm)
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W

Configuration Parts of  labeling machine

  ItemDescriptionQuantity     Remark
1PLC1Siemens Made In German
2Touch Screen1Siemens Made In German
3Transducer1Delta Made in Taiwan
4DC24V Electrical Source1Delta Made In Taiwan
5Checking Label Sensor1Leuze Made in German
6Checking bottle Sensor1 Keyence Made in Japan
7Optical1Keyence Made in Japan
10Emergency  Switch1SCHNIDER FRANCE

NPACK is a whole-plant equipment manufacturer of automatic round bottle labelers. The round bottle labelers are extensively able to be adopted in different sizes of round and oval bottles, tubular and flat containers. Many kinds of materials can be used in the round bottle machines, such as plastic bottles, the whole or half circumference of the glass, the metal and the aluminum bottles, one label or two labels for the industries of the food, the pharmacy, the cosmetics or the chemical engineering. Automatic round bottles use CCD to actively and precisely detect the labels’ position. One round bottle labelers can work with machines of round, oval, flat, canned and high speed round bottle labelers. With many different types of labeling machinery options and rich experience of food, pharmaceutical, electronic automatic round bottle labeler and whole-plant equipment, NPACK provides the most complete scenario to our clients’needs.