Automatic Flowmeter Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic flowmeter bottle liquid filling machine was design and manufactured by Shanghai Npack Automation equipment co.,ltd, especial for liquid from thin viscous to high density liquid, such as water, oil, lotion, cream, Jam, sauce, honey, ketchup and so on. It is mostly used in the industry of chemicals, foodstuff and pharmaceuticals.

Automatic Flowmeter Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machine offers the premium method to measure liquid and fill bottles. No other filling technology offers this advanced combination of features and benefits, and flow meter technology has never been this affordable. This system offers huge cost benefits and a high degree of flexibility.

Technical parameters:

Model:NP-V F
Filling Nozzles2-12 nozzles, or customized
Applied bottle range30-100ml, 100-1000ml, 900ml-5000ml
Material density0.6-1.
Tolerance of filling quantity (accuracy)±£1%
Filling speed800-4200 bottles/hour , 30b/min per 4 filling nozzles 1L
Voltage220V,380V ,50HZ /60HZ
Air Pressure 0.6Map
Air Consumption1.2-1.4m³/min

Flow meter filling machines are the most accurate and most efficient filling machines available in the industry. The modern technology adapts to changes in viscosity and fills liquid to precise weight requirements.

Our Flow Meter filling machine is fully automatic and it is suitable for a wide variety of products. The liquid filling machines can be set up for bottom-up fill, top fill or neck entry using the suitable interchangeable nozzles.

Flow Meter filling machine can be cleaned easily as it contains no moving parts. It is suited to hygienic filling applications. Liquid filling machines are available from 2-12 filling heads and they can be supplied as semi-automatic or fully automatic depending on production requirements.

Automatic Flowmeter Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

This is our one of the most advanced technology for the liquid filling machine. This type of machinery is used for high accuracy . Automatic flowmeter liquid filling machine are generally used for filling of liquid like oil , shampoo , juice etc . with high accuracy which are used in industries like oil industries , food industries , cosmetic industries , pharmacetical industries etc. We provide a wide range of automatic flowmeter based liquid filling machine.

NPACK’s Inline Flowmeter filling machine is fully automatic and suitable for a wide range of products. With the appropriate interchangeable nozzles, it can be set up for bottom-up fill, top fill or neck entry.

Benefits include:

As there are no moving parts, the inline flowmeter is easily cleaned, and most suited to hygienic filling applications. It can be supplied as a semi-automatic or fully automatic system, depending on production requirements.

These versatile machines can also be supplied as a module, making it easy to add extra heads at a later date, as and when production increases. Available from 2- 12 filling heads.