Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine

Full automatic plastic bottle water filling machine is extremely flexible filler, is capable of filling accurately and rapidly any viscosity such as Shampoo,lotion,hair oil, cooking oil, honey, sauce, hand washing,and so on.
Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine
Product delivery from your bulk tank to the pistons can be configured with a buffer tank utilizing a level-sensing float, a manifold with direct draw, or recirculation methods.
Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic filling line is a special equipment which filling kinds of liquid and high viscous liquid with paste type(such as shampoo, detergent, bath wash, lubricant, dairy products and so on) into container. This line is suitable for filling of square bottle, round bottle and ellipse bottle and widely used in medicine, foods, pesticides, and chemical industry and so on. It adopt linear filling so that it could save cost and get safe guarantee. Conveyor line load the container into filling machine by unscrambler. Filling machine push down the liquid into container by piston(It could adjust piston process to meet filling volume). The containers will be send into capping screw machine after filling. Sealing the containers through induction aluminum foil sealing machine. Then the containers will be sent to labeling machine and inkjet coding machine. This line is convenient and easy for cleaning when change different material. Filling machine adopts piston filling principle and control bottle in, fix-up position, filling by PLC. This machine is according with GMP standard and suitable for kinds of ration filling.

Technical Parameter

Filling Volume100ml-1000ml 250ml-2500ml 500ml-3000ml 500ml-5000ml
Filling MaterialShampoo,Lotion,Cooking oil,Lube oil, Detergent liquid,Hair oil, Honey, Sauce...
Filling nozzle24681012
Filling PrecisionLess Than 0.5%
Power supply220V Single phase 50HZ 380V Three phase 50HZ

Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine


  • Full automatic plastic bottle water filling machine is adjustable for many different types of bottles
  • Easy to maintain, no special tools are required.
  • No bottle, no filling, automatic PLC control
  • Filling nozzles are anti drops, silk, and auto cut viscous liquid
  • Perfect filling precision: Less than 0.5%
  • Special seals or hoses are adapted if the liquid are corrosive.
  • Diving nozzles for bottom up filling of foaming products if need

Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling MachineAutomated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine

1. Adopt volumetric injection pump to fill high precision,aslo fill various viscosity liquid.Easy to dismantle pump structure,convinent to clean and sterilize.

2. The piston ring of volumetric injection use different material of silicone, pollyflon or other kinds according to liquid characteristic,use ceramic pump in special industry.

3. PLC control system,frequency conversion adjusting speed,high degree automatization.

4. No bottle,no fill,auto count the quantity

5. Filling quantity all pumps is adjusted in a lump,minim adjustable for each pump.

6. Esay and quick operate

7. Filling sysytem has the funtion of shrinking,no drop leak.

8. Applicable to various sizes of container,easy adjusting,short cost

9. The whole machine is designed according to requirement of GMP

Automated Anti Drop Bottle Filling Machine